So recently, I’ve been noticing posts like these here and there concerning an old, festering problem. Since about… I want to say approximately August 2014 (but it may have lasted longer), a troll has been plaguing Opinionated Man and consistently attacking him with posts concerning about how he is a “cyberbully” with “spam followers.”

Source: (Let me know if you want me to remove this, OM. I'll understand.)

Despite the eloquent opinions expressed above, I’m here to add my own two cents to this.

When OM mentioned this hothead agitator (I won’t dignify him with his proper name) for the first time from my point of view, I had just returned from a rather long hiatus from WordPress, and there was a lot of commentary centering around the attacks. There was a part of me wishing to break in and rant, but I held my tongue. I felt as if the problem would eventually die down, and that in the heat of the moment, he was getting too much publicity and undeserved attention from name-dropping (and attacking) OM and his family.

(Seriously, you hassle his family and his mother? That’s just low.)

With this second occurrence, I’m throwing my caution to the wind. While I am not close enough to call OM a friend, I find it necessary to argue on the behalf of a fellow blogger, especially one that has done so much for me and for other people.

I’ve heard you defend yourself by saying that you only serve to speak the truth as a journalist, but your entire blog is composed of your own opinions, badmouthing anyone who dares dissent to what you say- not just Opinionated Man, but people like Kelsey. If you had some sort of impartial news or reporting, I might be able to call you a journalist, but in all the hating and the grotesque photo-manipulation, I cannot give you that title. (I may not be considered a journalist, but I’ve written news articles offline.) (I’m also not going to talk about your lack of poetry either, despite the fact that you use “Poet” in your moniker. There probably is a poem somewhere, buried beyond the first few pages, and you’ll probably dig it out to prove me wrong.)

When you look at OM’s “Meet and Greet” thread, I see nothing but friendly greetings, opportunities to meet people and read their works and points of view- that’s why I stay on WordPress. I’ve met so many talented people, like those I nominated for the blog award and others like LaurenStephen and Skipah. I see original stories and thoughts in response to what OM writes, and for a person who doesn’t claim to be a professional, his work is pretty damn good.


I read several of your blog posts, at the cost of some of my brain cells cringing their eyes out at those Photoshops you use everywhere. All I saw was anger and negativity, all people with grudges against OM or blindly following everything that you said or did, like drones. (Oh, I apologize, dear drones, that must sound insulting to you.)

The point is I’ve never seen you help someone, use your power to promote other’s blogs. I’ve only seen you bother people like the Wine Wankers for your gain.

Oh, that reminds me. You called OM’s followers minions? Well, assuming that an adorable, yellow creature was not the connotation you meant to use with the word, assuming that it was meant as an insult implying that any one of us were small, unimportant, insignificant, or narrow-minded, I can only tell you that I see these “minions” as people, talented people who pour their essence into work that has heart, and that I’m privileged to know them. They are heroes to me.


And that is why I wrote all this in the first place. To support the people you have condemned, and to encourage Opinionated Man to fight the negative emotions and the problems that might surface. I am aware that he is a strong human being, but I would love to help however I can. And I want to quote Hillbilly Blogger here: “I would think support would be a much better avenue to take than harassment.” This is a point that you never really addressed, along  with the fact that altering people’s comments does not constitute free speech, as you are impeding on the rights of others to speak freely.

And who am I, who dares to disturb your delusional facade?

The Oddity Writer, a small blogger, a human being. Not a hero, a person who tries to be a decent writer, and who tries to be a decent journalist. I am a person who is here to document my journey through life, and right now, who tries to help others.


To my readers, thank you so much for reading, and joining me on this journey that my life has provided. I know there aren’t many of you, but I appreciate and thank every one of you.

To any newcomers, welcome! Apologies for making you read all that. It’s lovely to meet you.

So thank you again. I’ll see you all next time!

40 thoughts on “Rotten in the State

    1. Indeed!

      And the ping back was my pleasure, sir! You have my apologies that I never sent you an official thank you for becoming a follower, my Chromebook kept warning me about insecure comment forms on your site.

      And I also wish you a very happy weekend!

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  1. I don’t follow OM’s blog but it is nothing personal (just isn’t my type of reading). Every time I see a post like this though, I am tempted to follow his blog once more just for the sake of standing up to those who try to tear him down.

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  2. That was my thought exactly when I read those dreadful things he calls “blogs”.. I couldn’t even get myself to read more than 1 of them. Wall of text. No proper punctuation..

    But yes. Us “minions” are happy to be just that if it means being able to give some help. 😉

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      1. I don’t mind a wall of text but some breathing space would be nice.. Like paragraphs.. My poor eyes..
        And poor you. I hope you didn’t get stupid after reading all that. 😦

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  3. That is exactly how I felt about OM. Without him, I don’t think I would have met you and some wonderful bloggers on this site. And thank you for the mention! It meant so much to me and completely made my day. This post and your blog as a whole is so inspiring to me and I want to thank you for all your continued support for me and my site. I really hope you have a fantastic day! 🙂

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  4. I visited the guy’s site early on. didn’t see a single poem. Nor did I see anything that Andy Kaufman would be proud to see on a site bearing his name. Nothing comedic, nothing spontaneous, nothing really amusing. just some oafish fool spouting on how he reports on things.

    I do not claim to be anything more than just another hack novelist who posts chapters to his stories on his blog. I do tend to reblog, though, if I find something really noteworthy.

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