Sit back and imagine something for me.

It’s pitch black outside, and the only thing allowing the figures to see where they’re dashing are the imposing lampposts and the small lights bordering the paths stretching their little orange lights out into the darkness. It’s by this illumination that these people grab chalk and begin scrawling across the sidewalks and the walls. When the residents of my university wake up and enter the main square, they see “VOTE”, “TRUMP” “TRUMP 2016” and “Accept the Inevitable” written across the walls in garish capital letters everywhere.

The university erupts into an outrage. The news media immediately gets to work reporting on the incidents. Latino and Black Lives Matter activists begin organizing protests and many people take to the Internet to broadcast their outrage, their anger in angry Facebook posts and exasperated Yik Yak updates.

So you know me. The Oddity Writer, the man who stands for what he believes in, wakes up to see “graffiti” plastered across campus. What does he do?

He buys some chalk and makes one small edit.

That thick piece of chalk felt unwieldy in my hand as I knelt before the wall and began carving my words around the large pink name. But I stood back in satisfaction at my work in the end.


See, I know what this move was aimed to get a rise out of the activists. I knew that the graffiti placers were looking to create chaos and anger. This is why I chose to make a crude joke out of all of it. This way, I have a laugh that I can share with others, and the people who seek the backlash from the activists don’t get what they want.

But even if you’re saying that I didn’t do enough, or if that wasn’t the right way to do things, let’s be real for a second, guys. People who disagree with you exist in the real world. The real world is not safe. This is a debate that’s been raging, dare I use superlatives, since America was founded- what’s more important? Liberty or security? You can try to make the world safe, but you’re going to fail. Or maybe you will, but by doing so, you’ll trade in the concept of liberty that America was founded on. And I don’t care if we end up making this trade for the best of intentions. I refuse to believe in it. The right to dissenting opinions and discussion is a big part of our country and the First Amendment and I insist upon it.


If I’m being completely honest right now, I’m more concerned about something else. See, this is the reason why I wrote this post. I’m not entirely sure when- newspapers don’t talk about the time events occurred and I’m not online enough to keep track- but there have been explosions and terror incidents in Brussels, Belgium. At least 31 people are dead and there is chaos over there. People are probably very, very scared right now and they could use our thoughts and prayers.

But what are you college students doing? You’re crying over chalk graffiti. Erasable. Chalk. Graffiti. Seriously? What are you doing with yourselves right now? You’re taking all this way too seriously and giving these defacers what they want- drama. And you’re giving Trump more coverage and exposure that he doesn’t need.

So I suggest that we leave this event with the erased chalk- in the past, behind us. Send your thoughts and prayers to Belgium. God knows they need it right now more than this issue does. Thank you for reading, everyone! And I’ll see you on the next page of this story.

Take care and stay awesome!

3 thoughts on “Chalk

  1. I think I speak both for myself and a certain Ms. K when I say (Write? Utilize code for communicative purposes?) that you have an excellent working mind on your shoulders. I look forward to reading your work in the New York Times opinion section.

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