(A/N: So the thought I had when writing this very, very rough draft was that people wouldn’t give a world a name, it’s just “the world” to them or “the universe”. And there are all these fantasy and sci-fi worlds that have names to them that probably describe the whole country or planet to them that they might not actually have named themselves. They’d always have just thought of it as “the world.”

See, this is the weird shit I dream up at 2 am. -D)

“Hey! Hey! Are you okay? Please, wake up!”

It didn’t truly occur to the man that he was lying in a field at first.

He was, at first, drowsily dismissive of the hands that shook and batted at him. It was only when he remembered what exactly had happened before he had passed out that he sat up with a jolt and truly took in his surroundings.

“Oh, thank God!” The woman sat back in relief. “I thought you were just dead for a second there.”

“What?” He shook his head as if it would dispel the frenzied, disjointed haze in his head. “No, no, not dead, just… confused. Sorry.” He stared out in the kelly green field around him, and at the aurora of the setting sun in the horizon.

“Well, I’m just glad you’re alright,” the woman patted his shoulder, “What happened to you?”

“I don’t recall…” he stuttered, “No… there was a blue… a portal? And I remember falling towards it before ending up heeeeeere….” He gasped, “No… I must be on another world!!!!”

The look on the woman’s face seemed frozen between a sneer and a furrowed brow of concern. “What.”

“Where am I?”

“You’re in Jacksonville Memorial Field.”

“What year is it??”


“Is this Ameri-”

“Yes, you’re in America.” The woman buried her face in her hands. “For fuck’s sake,” she muttered, “why do I have to deal with all the druggies?”

“…are you sure that I haven’t-”

“LOOK, MY DUDE,” the woman finally started seething, “No.

“Oh.” He looked crestfallen, but the woman continued, “Do you know where we are? We’re in this thing. It’s called the uuuuuniverse.”

The man just looked down at his feet sheepishly as she continued, “And it’s made up of star systems, like Alpha Centauri and galaxies like the Milky Way…” Satisfied that her job was done, she stood up to go, “And planets like ours. Like Theraflaaargian.”

“Yeah….” The man muttered to himself. “Of cours-”

Wait a minute.





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