Prompt: While putting your favorite condiment on a sandwich, you accidentally make a magical occult symbol and summon a demon.

“RAAAARGH, FEAR ME, MORTAL, FOR I….” The demon stopped, and looked down at the sandwich he had trod upon. “….is that jelly?”

He looked to the housewife trembling in the corner, her tearstained eyes red and as wide as dinner plates. As she shuddered, she managed to give an almost indistinguishable nod.

“Mmmmm, I love jelly,” the demon murmured, taking a bite. “Pulverized organic life? Who could say no to that?” He closed his eyes as he chewed, relishing the sandwich’s taste.

“Oh, by the way, Susan, I’m not going to kill you because you summoned me.”

“You’re- you’re not?”

“Oh no,” the demon smiled, waving his hand nonchalantly, “I’m going to kill you because it is a crime to have dropped such a good sandwich and fucking wasted it.”

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