Things feel a lot vaguer than they did last October.

See, last October, I bought a shiny new notebook to record my schedules, my ideas and some journal entries. And the priorities there were so clear (I was primarily focused on launching a new blog called “The Citizen’s Compendium”, which would host a series of essays and editorials concerning issues and grievances under the Trump administration.)

The ideas and plans I’m trying to follow now were only vague notions, just as the ideas that I have are now. They’re vague ideas blurred like my eyesight if I’m not wearing glasses or contacts. Slowly, some voice, some words will come forward and speak. Things will slowly become sharper and sharper or just slowly float away.

Hopefully, these plans will sharpen and solidify a bit.

At any rate, the true game plan.

I’m going to be focusing on schoolwork for the most part today, getting things done and trying to work ahead. Some of that involves working on coding for the website, and afterwards, I’ll be watching Photoshop tutorials. Some of that involves writing. Tomorrow, I think I’ll be practicing what I learned.

One last thing I’ll be doing tonight! I’ll be writing one page of fiction every night before I fall asleep. Doesn’t matter how bad it is, but I just want to start on this story idea and build on it, because I feel like although things are unclear right now, they’re not gonna get any clearer unless I start.

I’ve got a lot of other things on my mind, but I think that’s for something slightly better than a progress report.

Until next time!


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