I’ve been writing an editorial for the past four weeks.

Well, I suppose a more accurate way of putting it is that I’ve been rewriting and editing an editorial for the past four weeks. And I devoted my second day of VEDA to completing it.

And while it’s been a grueling process (I’ve never had an article go through so many rounds of editing across such a long timespan), I’m very happy with this final draft.

But it’s also brought a few problems with my writing style to light that I’ll be working on improving for the rest of VEDA.

  1. My sentences are long. Clarity should be the top priority, and shorter sentences can hit harder. I’m working on a more minimalist approach to writing that does not dispense with the wordings that I love to use.
  2. Initial drafts have trouble staying on the straight and narrow. For this article in particular, I’ve gutted a lot of arguments that were too speculative, and the article itself became far too focused on disproving the opinion that it was fighting rather than focusing on the initial, more important issue at hand.
  3. I presume and make leaps in logic. I can’t assume that everyone thinks like I can. And I can’t cut corners in my rush to get my point across. I’ve got to take the time to slow down and to think more.

These are just a few things that I share with you now. There’ll be more to come.

For now, though, I’m going to have fun with other projects for the next few days. I’ll be working on Photoshop tutorials, basic edits and such, and then I’ll be streaming/making videos while I prep for a video game review for the paper (my next article after this one is released).


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