Four years ago, I posted my first short story to this blog.

It was a small beginning. My writing style was bloated, the plot was flat and hackneyed, the pacing nonexistent, but it didn’t matter. I was enjoying myself. And it was this joy that motivated me to keep writing, to allow The Oddity Writer to grow beyond its initial life as a portfolio into something that was more personally important to me. I was able to become a better poet, and to find enjoyment in writing journalism. Thanks to the blog, and your encouragement, I have been to grow enormously as a writer and as a person. I can only hope that the blog reflects that growth. But to everyone who has stopped to take a moment to read my work, thank you so much. It really means the world to me, and I don’t think I could have made it here without you.

I know that I’ve been absent for a large amount of time as I’ve struggled with personal issues. Previously, I would use my writing and create in order to release all the tension within me, but I came to acknowledge that my creative endeavors could not rest on this foundation and these negative emotions alone. While I may not post as often as I should, I promise you that I will never stop attempting to develop my skills and never stop working to create something as worthwhile as what I have created with your support. And I promise that all the work I create will go towards creating a positive impact on the readers and people around me.

Now, as for more concrete goals- I’m currently working on cleaning up my style and taking stock on the characters I’ve created so far in order to work on creating fresh, better ones while rehabilitating the old ones that I’ve come to love. But the biggest thing on my to-do list is to wrap up existing projects – (the one that I have my sights on now has approximately five chapters remaining in its 10 chapter arc) before moving onto new ones.

So that’s my future – my way forward. Thank you all so much for paving this way for me.

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