Week One – Closing the Book on Abuse

(Author’s Note: It’s been 84 years since I last posted.)

Hello again, everyone.

It’s been around four and a half months since I last posted. You have my sincerest apologies for the radio silence since my last poem and status update, and the growingly larger absences I’ve had since I stopped regularly posting on The Oddity Writer awhile back.

The truth is that this blog was started as a portfolio site to help showcase my works and to help me get into college, but it quickly grew into something much more personal than that. During and in the years since the college application process, this blog gained a small following that I never thought was possible, and I am incredibly grateful for that.

Ultimately, I stopped posting here because I began to not have enough time to balance both the blog and my university work, and because writing as a whole stopped being fun and became much more like a chore. I was also growing dissatisfied with the quality of the material that I put on here (although, in retrospect, perhaps none of it was as FANTASTIC as I remember). As I started applying for internships and jobs, I also cringed at the prospect of employers or someone else finding and judging the writing and very intimate personal thoughts I put on here and grew afraid that it might limit my employment opportunities. I also still have and struggle with a lot of depression and social anxiety, that have also contributed to my lack of productivity, as well as some impostor syndrome. One really cool fellow writer, Ruben actually wrote an excellent post about impostor syndrome that I’ll post here if you’d like to learn more. 

I’ve also been grappling with a lot of crap in my personal life. Over the past two years, I’ve been trying to confront my many flaws and to work on correcting them, and I like to think that I’ve emerged a much better person when I started. However, because of my shitty mental health, although my problems are far less severe than those of others, life still isn’t exactly a cake walk.

So here’s what I’ve been trying to do recently.

I recently came across a creator by the name of Dottie James who’s been trying to change her life in 365 days, and I’ve been trying to follow her model of change.


I’ve set myself up with Big To-Dos (fixing my sleep schedule, writing regularly and finishing my current works-in-progress, finding a place to live that is my own, taking time for my mental health), Weekly To-Dos (primarily to do with cooking and writing regularly), and Daily To-Dos (i.e. exercising regularly and keeping up and getting ahead with my schoolwork).

And in going back to my roots, I’ve decided to use my blog again to provide myself with a record of my journey through life and to keep myself accountable as I embark on this regimen.

And with that, here’s your progress report, ladies, gentlemen and other configurations of being.

On my first week, while it was a struggle, I completed my schoolwork at the time that I set for myself, I spent less time in the library and I went to bed earlier than I often have this year, and took time to take care of myself.

Most importantly, I finally severed what was a very unhealthy and abusive relationship. After six years of excusing physical abuse (like when I was held up against a wall as my own property was deface) and verbal abuse (being told to my face that my opinion was completely wrong, and that I should not have argued for it), it’s finally over. And despite still struggling with a lot of other issues, I’m proud to have finally let go of this toxic relationship.

However, I failed to write something or to complete creative activities like I wanted to, and I failed to be as productive as I wanted to. And in this coming week, my efforts will go towards being more productive on the creative front and on doing more with my day to make the most of it without stressing myself too far.

Wish me luck.

Patch Notes: The Restoration

Hello! This is just a brief site update before we return to our regularly scheduled content.

In the months that have passed since my last post, I’ve been thinking and considering a lot about what to do regarding my writing in the future, and I think I’ve finally come to a decision.

Because I’d like to spread my work around and establish a presence that I lost when I stopped posting regularly, I’m going to be posting my works across all my socials when I return in March. This is just so I can get a good sense of where I’d like to be, and once I’ve established that, I intend to pull back so I’m not spamming everywhere.

And finally, I’ve also decided to restore all my old Oddity Writer blog posts, simply to remember where I came from and what I’ve done with this blog thus far.

That’s all! Hope you all enjoy what’s coming next! (And please let me know how you’ve been in the midst of my hiatus in the comments)


Spring Afresh

Things feel a lot vaguer than they did last October.

See, last October, I bought a shiny new notebook to record my schedules, my ideas and some journal entries. And the priorities there were so clear (I was primarily focused on launching a new blog called “The Citizen’s Compendium”, which would host a series of essays and editorials concerning issues and grievances under the Trump administration.)

The ideas and plans I’m trying to follow now were only vague notions, just as the ideas that I have are now. They’re vague ideas blurred like my eyesight if I’m not wearing glasses or contacts. Slowly, some voice, some words will come forward and speak. Things will slowly become sharper and sharper or just slowly float away.

Hopefully, these plans will sharpen and solidify a bit.

At any rate, the true game plan.

I’m going to be focusing on schoolwork for the most part today, getting things done and trying to work ahead. Some of that involves working on coding for the website, and afterwards, I’ll be watching Photoshop tutorials. Some of that involves writing. Tomorrow, I think I’ll be practicing what I learned.

One last thing I’ll be doing tonight! I’ll be writing one page of fiction every night before I fall asleep. Doesn’t matter how bad it is, but I just want to start on this story idea and build on it, because I feel like although things are unclear right now, they’re not gonna get any clearer unless I start.

I’ve got a lot of other things on my mind, but I think that’s for something slightly better than a progress report.

Until next time!


What’s Happening Tomorrow?

I’ve spent the whole day working on internship applications!

Yahoo! I’ve been productive for once in my life~

No, but hello everyone! I’m just giving you all a casual Site News post- sorry to give you two in a row, I promise it won’t happen again.

But here’s a general game plan for anyone who’s interested:

You’ll be getting a silly little flash fiction tomorrow at noon! There was a thought that occurred to me, and it created a quick dialogue between two characters that I had to get down. That’s a habit that I’m going to try- inhabiting different characters rather than using my own voice. It should definitely be interesting!

I’ll be doing some coding practice for my New Media class tomorrow, as well as finally, finally starting Photoshop tutorials. And oh, Christ, I have to get around to sending emails eventually.

READING! That’s one thing I feel really guilty about not keeping up with recently. I’ll probably switch between “One Hundred Years of Solitude” by Gabriel Garcia Marquez and the different classic poets from my classes. I might end up live-tweeting that for anyone who’s interested…

I’ve also got some thoughts that’ll end up getting posted tomorrow- lemme know what you all think, I’d appreciate your input.

And with that, I think I’m off to bed. G’night, everyone!


The Next Step

Ladies and gentlemen, my dear readers of The Oddity Writer,

This has been a long time coming, but I’ve been putting it off. Refusing to accept it and to let go, because it’s hard. But with the new year looming on the horizon, it’s probably best to make this address now rather than later.

While this will not be the last time I post to this blog, I will be ceasing work on content specifically for this blog. That means regular personal things, status updates and series where I promoted fellow bloggers like Circumnavigation are coming to an end. Regular, daily/weekly content in general also won’t be posted here anymore at least until further notice.

That being said, I won’t stop creating. I’ve got a lot of projects in the works, and if they do get posted, I will be sharing them here. But this blog has not been (for awhile) and will no longer be, my top priority when it comes to creation from now on.

When I started this blog years ago, I was a deeply unhappy person who was lost who didn’t know what he was going to do with his life, and assumed that nobody in the world would care as he screamed his thoughts out into the void that was the Internet.

Everything that has happened since is more than I could have ever asked for. I am so grateful for the experience and the time I’ve had on WordPress. I am extremely grateful for the dear friends that I have made. And while I am very sad that this chapter of my time as a writer is coming to a close, I am very much looking forward to what comes next. And I hope that you are too.

So one last time- thank you all so much for joining me. I’ll see you in the future, on another page of some story.

Confessions and Forward

It’s been a long week, but here I am again with another update.

So the project I was stuck on- I’m not ditching it per se, but I think I’m scaling back. I’m just going to create what I CAN to be the very best of my ability.

So enough vague talk- I’m going to be straight with you guys. I’m working on some material for YouTube. Some comedic, some serious- I’d say a pretty even mix of both. I’ll be re-editing and adapting some of my old blog material for release, and I’m actually going to see if I can’t film one thing tomorrow night. Originally, I was going for an episodic series, but writer’s block has got me scaling back. I’m just trying to keep it simple, you know? I think one-shot videos can have just as good an effect (if not greater because the narrative or argument isn’t spread across multiple parts).

It’s been an interesting challenge, actually. I don’t really write for a visual medium- and my previous forays into YouTube were really just silly improvisations that were a lot of fun to do- and while this is a tad bit more organized, I can assure you- it’s just as much fun and it’s something I love doing.

With that being said, I’ve been thinking a lot and I’ve reached a conclusion about The Oddity Writer.

I think I’ve taken some missteps with it, and I should apologize to you all.

As I’ve discussed before, there’s a bit of a stigma with putting up work on the Internet, and I’ve had to face that with my parents, and on occasion, my friends. And as a result, I’ve struggled to do this blog justice without the usual stories and articles I normally supplied. And as a result, I’ve failed to show this place the proper respect it deserves.

Well, no more of that.

It’s time to get down to business. Throw my back into it. I’m going to go through the old posts, remove what was lacking, try to organize everything. So if the site’s a bit of a mess over the next two weeks or so, my apologies. But until then, you can expect that I’ll be working on stuff that I’m proud of this time.

And I’m going to dive back into the blogs that have flourished into my absence. I’m always talking about how I appreciate every one of you guys. It’s time I put my money where my mouth is and express it and connect with you all.

I’ve missed this endeavor. And it’s good to dive back into it again.

Well then.

Time to begin.

The Crash

You know what the greatest feeling in the world is?

When your computer crashes mid-flight and erases your blog post in which you liveblogged boredom and insanity on a 14-hour flight.

No worries though, you didn’t miss too much! I passed out for the first seven hours and then for the other seven I spiraled into utter insanity, boredom and misunderstanding. There was some personal stuff to address and I spent some time immediately after I woke up planning out some articles that I could potentially do in Korea.

But hey, you might say, what did you do after you landed?

Well, to make a long story short, almost all my pitches were rejected except for one, which I did some work for last night photographing and now I just have to compile everything for the final article. The rest of the time was… something that I actually can’t talk about.

But no worries! I will be here for the rest of the trip, and I do have a lot of unused materials from the other pitch that I can share with you.

…and I do apologize if I don’t seem entirely myself but I’ve got a lot of things to balance.

It’s all fantastic though! And I can’t wait to find my way back into this rhythm.

I’ll see you guys in the next post!


Three Articles, One Weekend

A minor problem that went unaccounted for- I spent a lot more time than expected on my original article, so I never ended up needing to fill out that form to pitch another story for the Monday deadline.

WELP! Time to shift into overdrive- I’m going to put together two different articles- one story about my hometown for a different section of the site or one about the upcoming celebrations- something like the top 10 ways to celebrate the Fourth of July or something!

But wait, Daniel, you ask, what’s the third article about?

Well, that’s the beauty of it, dear reader. The third article is this post. Apologies for running late this time around, but my friends had a reunion barbecue in celebration of the Fourth of July and it was just great to see them again.

There was also a bit of room for personal reflections and a lot of motivations that I’m going to set into motion tomorrow once I’m finally done with these articles. The key word? Regeneration.

I’ve also got this inner debate boiling up inside me. It’ll be interesting to see how that resolves. Anyways. That’s all for the next post(s). See you guys then- I’m off to write some more.

What’s The Plan For Today, Doc?

Step 1: Finally finish the article for today. Check! There wasn’t too much writing this time. It was just a matter of getting those final interview responses I was waiting on, adding a photo of the interviewee with biographical data like their major, given college and age and surnames- which involved quite a bit of tedious Facebook digging.

Step 2: Fiction writing- Sort of check! I’ve started writing Part 3 of this little tale. It’s the goddamn silliest one so far, but I think that the work as a whole is kind of lighthearted and cheeky so that’s alright. I’ve gotten a lot of insights and thoughts from other events today. Once I do finish Part 3, I do think I’m going to set in more concrete plans for other bits that are absolutely necessary.

Step 3: Reading- Not actually there yet! I think I’m going to read Freakonomics tonight and then add in my penny’s worth of thoughts in tomorrow’s post.

What Am I Listening To Right Now: Shrug by Christina Grimmie. She had a real talent and passion for what she did and I can only hope to achieve at least half of what she did in her too-short life. (One of her other songs actually was a big influence on this current fiction project.)

What Am I Watching At The Moment: The Stan Frederick series. Recently, I’ve been looking into people my age who are seriously talented, and Evan Santiago is one of them. His visual effects on this horror series are really well-edited. I’m really fascinated to see what he does with his character in the future. Now’s actually a good time for anyone to jump on the bandwagon as Season 1’s story reached a turning point, so I’ll leave a link down below.

And that’s actually where I’m gonna leave off for tomorrow. Thank you all so much for keeping up with me on this journey, and I’ll see you all soon!