During my tenure as editor of the Op-Ed/Editorial section of my local school newspaper, the High Times, I’ve published a monthly column because:

A) I enjoy writing.

B) I would be out of articles if I didn’t write for the section.

and C) it’s also in the job description.

I originally intended to post a column here called “Quietly Cynical”, which would have been more openly sarcastic, but I have found that I’m not as snarky as I used to be (actually, I still am, just not on paper anymore), and that time commitments with the Mark Redwood series, another new series which is coming soon and schoolwork are interfering.

So until “Quietly Cynical” actually does open, please enjoy these fragments from the High Times Archives (and now other sources of journalism).

RHS Needs To Properly Cover Journalism in its Curriculum

Bill Watterson, J.D. Salinger, and Solitude

Who’s Important Nowadays?

The Internet Must Be Saved: Net Neutrality is a Right

If You Give a Madman a Gun

Journalism Still Has a Bright Future

The Influence of Social Media

CSPA, Futures and Responses, Part 1

CSPA, Futures and Responses, Part 2

CSPA, Futures and Responses, Part 3

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