VEDA- Create Something New Every Day (#0)

To be clear- I am not creating a video every day in April.

But I want to create something new every day in April. I want to branch out, and I want to experiment. I’ve looked at the stuff that people across the Internet are doing and I’m always in awe of them. I’d want to follow into their footsteps, but I’d never feel ready, never have the skills or the right equipment or whatever else.

And I’m never going to have that. Unless I get up and I start.

Recently, I feel lethargic and unmotivated and unhappy. But I’d like to take some small steps and start working on things that I love, and that’s why I’m doing this pseudo-VEDA thing that a ton of YouTubers have done before.

To wit, because some stuff doesn’t fit what I do on this blog, some of it won’t be hosted here. Some of it will be here, some of it will be on my marktheredwood Tumblr and Twitters, and some of it on other platforms.

This should be fun, and I hope you enjoy seeing how this plays out.


Sharing for You

Today on The Oddity Writer, I’d like to unveil two things: a service and a nuisance.

Let’s talk about the service, because it’s more important and it applies directly to y’all and I like it a lot more than the nuisance.

I’d like to introduce you all to the Free Beer Page! It’s a page devoted to sharing your work and talking about anything you please, whether it be reading or writing or life. It’s a lot like the Meet and Greet threads over on, but they’re more generalized, think of it as a huge forum-like thing for sharing and interacting with one another. So what are you waiting for? Click the link at the top of this paragraph or on the masthead!

And now, the nuisance: My art history teacher forced us into doing this project where we created a false artist with a false identity and reviewed a work that “he” created.

Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 11.48.59 PM
(Felt I should change it out of respect for the game’s creators.)

Because I obviously wasn’t going to take this seriously, I based my artist off of a funny fan game based off of Five Nights at Freddy’s called “Five Nights at Fuckboy’s”- where Freddy’s goal is to destroy all the cameras and embark on a night of debauchery. However, even when I wasn’t taking it seriously, it cut into a lot of my time and I ended up messing up my posting/writing schedule (sorry about that, guys!)

I’ll leave you with a video and let you point out the obvious references. 🙂

An extract from that ridiculous paper:

R.D. “Freddy” Jensen IV was born in the East End of London, and the first and favorite toy he ever had was a broken camera. His magnum opus was a picture that depicted a vacuum cleaner as a ravenous beast with an innocent sausage lying in its warpath. Twas called Inhale. 

And with that, I’m going to go write more of my novel- I hope you enjoyed these little stories- thank you all so much for taking the time to read this! I hope that you’ll stick around for more! And please, feel free to check out some other posts or talk in the comments below about how I really should have taken this assignment seriously or about whatever!

Thanks again- and I hope you all have awesome days!

A Fear of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: Some Random Thoughts

I’ve been scrawling and typing nonstop by night while trying new things on my own- be they video games or sneaking through restricted areas by day (like in Chapter 4 of the Mark Redwood series, haha). I’ve also been thinking about switching back to using notebooks during the day because I fear getting carpal tunnel and not having enough good work to show for it.

I would spend more time in the morning writing, but I’d just like to enjoy this rather rare free time that I have on my hands spending time with my family. Despite the fact that I don’t show it more often, I’m appreciative of the fact that they put up with my bullshit and indecisive nature 24/

My family actually gave me this set of Van Gogh notebooks- perhaps if I use them, my fears may be allayed a bit more for some time yet, haha.

I’ve also been brainstorming for ways to continue my novel and to complete the Mark Redwood series. The novel is difficult as it’s set in reality, but it’s not journalism and I can’t keep slipping back into my old habits. But I still need to keep up with journalism because flaaarg, I want to be able to keep those skills.

I'm a writer, not an artist...
#ThrowbackToLastApril, when I started the Series

I should start going back through my old work, seeing what was good about it, and then reading the New York Times more than I have been recently. It shouldn’t be that hard since the Times takes up half of my Twitter feed.

Thank you all so much for enjoying my content. It means the world to me that you all would come from everywhere just to read my work. I still have quite a ways to go, knowledge to fully integrate and apply, and I’m glad you’re all here to see it happen.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to update a few pages. I’ll see you all in a little bit for the next post!

The Feeling of Being Stuck, Part 2: Did It Work?

Previously, I blogged about my troubles with writing about art, but now I’m here to show you what I can do when I give it my all. Let me know what you think, and if you think I can improve in some areas, please let me know!

As opposed to the classical heroes and the idealized heads and bodies seen in Classical Greek era sculptures, the Seated Boxer goes against previously established ideals and tells a story that is unique and holds more heart or soul than previous sculptures. While the Boxer retains a burnished, muscular, strong body, the fact that he is hunched over in his seat as opposed to standing tall shows the weight of weariness, of a humanity previous sculptures lacked. This was further accentuated by the hollow eyes. I know that the eyes were hollow because the Seated Boxer is a bronze cast, but there still appears to be more meaning than in the generic, glazed eyes of the marble Roman copies.

The Boxer looks up, and his scarred face, full of intricate detail down to the carvings in every hair on his old head seem to show the same worldly fatigue. It’s a perfect example of how the Hellenistic era brings the classical hero’s crusade and the idealization to an end, instead focusing on the humanity of a person’s flaws, and a person’s soul.

The human drama seen here is a prime example of telling a complex story without words.

The Feeling of Being Stuck

“Aaaarrrrrggh… Nothing’s working!” I slumped back from my keyboard, closed my sleepy, gravel-lined eyes and buried my face in my hands. On my computer screen shone an image of a sculpture on one side and a nearly blank document on the other.

I had selected an art history course for school in hopes that the class would allow me to discuss art and better describe it to others. I wanted to be able to talk about the intricate details, the meticulous crosshatching that might go into a drawing, the smooth opaque and shining marble, or the bronze of a sculpture, be it burnished or stained. There was an art history essay that I had heard about from a teacher, that “read like a stage play and made the sculpture come to life.” It was a challenge that I wanted to undergo.

It was also a challenge that I never got to follow, and that I still struggle with. I did end up writing about art for the class in a preliminary assignment and I did my best to write a work that I could be proud of that flourished, and I received a good score for it. However, this
For weeks, we stared at presentations full of photos and dissecting the art, talking about all the terminology that students needed to know for the AP exams.

It left me wallowing in my discontent. As a person who used to love art, a small child running through the Metropolitan Museum of Art, drinking in the feeling that the art gave off, looking into the past and going with my gut feelings to find meanings and messages, I was disappointed at the terminology, wading through art and tearing it apart, looking for a preset,intended message. Slowly, my work ethic slowed and I began feeling stuck and actually struggled to write.

And that’s why I had no time and resources to get out blog content.

(I’m just kidding! No! That’s not the ending. That would make this post so negative. I just want to say that you, the reader should learn from art and balance that with the fun and fascination that comes with the art. I’m definitely not a model scholar, not just because I don’t enjoy analyzing art and because I cringe when the teacher calls us “art historians”. I challenge you all to live life and enjoy some of humanity’s wonderful messages.)

I’m Still Here

As for forthcoming fiction, the metafiction universe I work on will be returning soon. However, the return of “Tribulations of the Author” and the Mark Redwood series will not be immediate. I was actually quite proud of Chapter 5 for its characters’ expansions when much of the Series centered around the world as opposed to the people. Moreover, I wish to convey a message with this story, and I want to think on how I can show that message.

Throughout the day, I will continue to update “I’m Still Here” with more work and commentary, so please stay tuned! Updates will be posted below.


Like so! See?

I hope that you enjoy and that you look forward to my future work. Thank you so much for reading!


Contemplation and Acting

Should I write down a whole bunch of thoughts for this blog, a short composition each day? Would that fascinate you? Because I hate disappearing from “The Oddity Writer” for weeks on end and then coming back with one chapter or one article.

While those chapters have high quality, I have no idea when they can be released because I’m always editing and then just when I’m about ready, school goes up and hits me with a paper or a test.

So let me know what you guys think. Until then… here’s a sample of something you might see if I continue to do something like this.

To provide some context, my Art History teacher had us write an analysis about this in fifteen minutes. She went through our responses and mentioned one response that sounded as if it were “written for the stage”. So, having no idea what was being said to make it sound like that, I took the sculpture and tried to make it come alive on the page.

The Sculpture

It tells the story of the perceptive man who very nearly changed history. As he stepped forward, squinting at the ruse before him, serpents circled him, fluidly sliding across the ground and wrapping, in a cringe-worthy manner around him, trying to crush and digest, almost there-

But not quite! Although the man is fighting a losing battle, he rips the venomous scaly thing off by the head- faces it head on as it hisses like air through a damaged pipe. He kicks the serpent- and it makes a noise like steam flying through a whistle as it rockets toward his son…

An old youth pulling away in shock but prepared for the consequences as he holds up his arms, almost out of habit.

While another wraps his arms around the man- reaching for the serpent- acting as the reinforcements to relieve the old soldier.


Please feel free to leave a comment with that little button right under the title, let me know what you think, or vote below.

Thank you so much for reading, and I look forward to seeing you next time!