VEDA- Create Something New Every Day (#0)

To be clear- I am not creating a video every day in April.

But I want to create something new every day in April. I want to branch out, and I want to experiment. I’ve looked at the stuff that people across the Internet are doing and I’m always in awe of them. I’d want to follow into their footsteps, but I’d never feel ready, never have the skills or the right equipment or whatever else.

And I’m never going to have that. Unless I get up and I start.

Recently, I feel lethargic and unmotivated and unhappy. But I’d like to take some small steps and start working on things that I love, and that’s why I’m doing this pseudo-VEDA thing that a ton of YouTubers have done before.

To wit, because some stuff doesn’t fit what I do on this blog, some of it won’t be hosted here. Some of it will be here, some of it will be on my marktheredwood Tumblr and Twitters, and some of it on other platforms.

This should be fun, and I hope you enjoy seeing how this plays out.


Promise Every Day

I will not be arrogant.

Everything that I am will go into supporting the people I love.

Everything that I am will go into every piece of work that I create.

I will be kind.

I will always put others before myself.

I will not look down on people or think them beneath me.

I will be brave.

I will starve my distractions.

I will feed my focus.



CSPA, Futures and Responses, Part II

So while I merely talked about the events surrounding my trip to New York City for the CSPA journalism convention in Part One here, I’d like to share a few valuable lessons that everyone taught me at the convention.

Tips for Online Newspapers: Post Daily and Work Ahead!

Go! Go! Go! Aim for the bulls-eye! Source:

When a relevant event pops up, you can repost a relevant essay or article after a few months (I know Opinionated Man will do this every now and again).

Is there a upcoming release of a new J.K. Rowling book? Re-release an infographic or previous post about her previous books, be it Harry Potter and the Important Object/Organization/Person or one of her books written under the Robert Galbraith pseudonym.


Here’s a tip that I fell for on my first blog: Don’t call each post or major update an “issue” or an “episode”.

There are exceptions of course. I know Encouraging Life goes through version numbers as the site is altered, but I feel like that’s different. And justified. But something like this blog post or this blog post shouldn’t really be considered an “episode” of anything.

Something I’m personally struggling with is the use of social media- and of different types of media- pushing out content to the people and driving them in with Facebook and Twitter.


I try to come up with interesting taglines, but I can’t seem to come up with the time to write some decent Twitter Exclusives. Something I can really admire is Erin Fink-Nottle’s “#Finktion“. She would tell a story over Twitter live for 10-20 minutes, and they were always entertaining to read.

A word of advice that was interesting to me was the idea that you should write about people and not about events.

I started following this trend almost reflexively as I started focusing on character-driven fiction, working on my cast before expanding the world around them for my novel, and it continued into my rant in “Rotten in the State“, my rant that was written to support the community that I was a part of, and to encourage them.

I have pages and pages of notes, but I think I’ll leave you with one last tip here: Be honest about who you are and who you’re with. While this was meant for interviewing purposes, and being on the record, it applies in real life as well.Aaron Cahall, my lecturer told me of a time where he treated his sources like human beings, got involved in the story, and came out all the better for it.

Thank you all so much for taking the time to read my work! Please let me know about something you’d like to see in the comments below!

I will see you all next time!

(P.S. Part III, the final installment will be available on May 4th or May 5th) 🙂

Contemplation and Acting

Should I write down a whole bunch of thoughts for this blog, a short composition each day? Would that fascinate you? Because I hate disappearing from “The Oddity Writer” for weeks on end and then coming back with one chapter or one article.

While those chapters have high quality, I have no idea when they can be released because I’m always editing and then just when I’m about ready, school goes up and hits me with a paper or a test.

So let me know what you guys think. Until then… here’s a sample of something you might see if I continue to do something like this.

To provide some context, my Art History teacher had us write an analysis about this in fifteen minutes. She went through our responses and mentioned one response that sounded as if it were “written for the stage”. So, having no idea what was being said to make it sound like that, I took the sculpture and tried to make it come alive on the page.

The Sculpture

It tells the story of the perceptive man who very nearly changed history. As he stepped forward, squinting at the ruse before him, serpents circled him, fluidly sliding across the ground and wrapping, in a cringe-worthy manner around him, trying to crush and digest, almost there-

But not quite! Although the man is fighting a losing battle, he rips the venomous scaly thing off by the head- faces it head on as it hisses like air through a damaged pipe. He kicks the serpent- and it makes a noise like steam flying through a whistle as it rockets toward his son…

An old youth pulling away in shock but prepared for the consequences as he holds up his arms, almost out of habit.

While another wraps his arms around the man- reaching for the serpent- acting as the reinforcements to relieve the old soldier.


Please feel free to leave a comment with that little button right under the title, let me know what you think, or vote below.

Thank you so much for reading, and I look forward to seeing you next time!