VEDA- Create Something New Every Day (#0)

To be clear- I am not creating a video every day in April.

But I want to create something new every day in April. I want to branch out, and I want to experiment. I’ve looked at the stuff that people across the Internet are doing and I’m always in awe of them. I’d want to follow into their footsteps, but I’d never feel ready, never have the skills or the right equipment or whatever else.

And I’m never going to have that. Unless I get up and I start.

Recently, I feel lethargic and unmotivated and unhappy. But I’d like to take some small steps and start working on things that I love, and that’s why I’m doing this pseudo-VEDA thing that a ton of YouTubers have done before.

To wit, because some stuff doesn’t fit what I do on this blog, some of it won’t be hosted here. Some of it will be here, some of it will be on my marktheredwood Tumblr and Twitters, and some of it on other platforms.

This should be fun, and I hope you enjoy seeing how this plays out.


A Fear of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: Some Random Thoughts

I’ve been scrawling and typing nonstop by night while trying new things on my own- be they video games or sneaking through restricted areas by day (like in Chapter 4 of the Mark Redwood series, haha). I’ve also been thinking about switching back to using notebooks during the day because I fear getting carpal tunnel and not having enough good work to show for it.

I would spend more time in the morning writing, but I’d just like to enjoy this rather rare free time that I have on my hands spending time with my family. Despite the fact that I don’t show it more often, I’m appreciative of the fact that they put up with my bullshit and indecisive nature 24/

My family actually gave me this set of Van Gogh notebooks- perhaps if I use them, my fears may be allayed a bit more for some time yet, haha.

I’ve also been brainstorming for ways to continue my novel and to complete the Mark Redwood series. The novel is difficult as it’s set in reality, but it’s not journalism and I can’t keep slipping back into my old habits. But I still need to keep up with journalism because flaaarg, I want to be able to keep those skills.

I'm a writer, not an artist...
#ThrowbackToLastApril, when I started the Series

I should start going back through my old work, seeing what was good about it, and then reading the New York Times more than I have been recently. It shouldn’t be that hard since the Times takes up half of my Twitter feed.

Thank you all so much for enjoying my content. It means the world to me that you all would come from everywhere just to read my work. I still have quite a ways to go, knowledge to fully integrate and apply, and I’m glad you’re all here to see it happen.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to update a few pages. I’ll see you all in a little bit for the next post!