Honest Poem – Sunscreen

It smells like kindergarten.
warmth of a mother,
jubilant laughter as the sun
immerses but never burns.

It feels like melted butter
rubbed onto a frying pan before
hissing batter
snakes its way into a cake.

And you look at the child
reading about gingerbread boys
on that first day
tucked between two parents.

And you wish that they recognized you.


Hello, everyone!

I’d like to start out by sharing this with everyone- it’s a video that was shared in one of my classes years ago- I don’t even remember when. Please take the time to watch it before continuing to read.

And now an interlude of photos so you don’t skip ahead or see anything before you should because that’s just naughty.

…That sounds odd. To the photos!

Credits: genius.com
Credits: pixartimes.com and Disney/Pixar’s Ratatouille (Aren’t you hungry now?)

…Yeah. There you go.

I just wanted to take a moment to wish everyone a Happy Mother’s Day, to ask that you give your mom a hug, treat them to something.

I know that I love my mother very much, and that I do appreciate her role and her guidance in my life a lot. Even if I don’t show it all the time. And if she ever reads this- I want to thank her for not raising me to be a fuck-up, to make me into one of many people with an infinite amount of┬ápotential. I have so much of my life left to make you proud, Mom, and I promise that I will. Thank you for believing in me. Although I actually cannot promise that I’ll commit to law school. (I’msosorryIcan’tresistcrueljokeshnnnggh)

I have a lot of followers who are mothers, and I see the love that they give to their children. And it’s heartwarming to see that, and it gives me faith in humanity. I know I say that a lot, but it also means a lot to me.

If you were to talk to the right people, they would tell you that I was- and perhaps still am- a self-centered cynic with no faith in human goodness. But over time, with supporting friends, with all the compassion I see here, believing in something like this isn’t… unrealistic, anymore.

So thank you all for helping me regain hope. And I hope you all take good care of yourselves.

(I also apologize for not releasing “Every Life” today as scheduled, that is coming very, very soon.)

Until next time, everyone! Thank you so much for reading and commenting.

Source: http://static.ibnlive.in.com/ibnlive/pix/ibnhome/winkcumber.jpg