Honest Poem – Retrospect

You remember a time
when the second hands moved too slowly
There was a time
when the bell could not have rung any later
And you loved the time
where you could run in the green grass
with a smile in your wind-tossed hair
and a song stuck on repeat.

She remembers a time
when she saw the most beautiful births
There was a time
when she saw your face dawn as the circuit clicked
And she loved the time
with the boat surfing the waves of your imagination
on the open sea, entirely free.

I remember the time
when this was all still real.
There was a time
when there were twenty different open doors
And I long for the time
when we could all choose one to walk through

Derek Walcott and Creepy Poetry

My Spanish professor may not be the best teacher, but he is one of the sweetest dudes I know.

So naturally, when he walks into class nine minutes late (which isn’t exactly irregular, he’s been late before) with a mournful look on his face (which is irregular, since he’s normally quite chipper), we ask what’s going on.

Chicos,” he tells us, “the world’s greatest poet passed away today.” He goes onto tell us about Derek Walcott and his revolutionary poetry for five minutes before opening up PowerPoint to a listening exercise. His mouse hovers over and threatens to start playing the obnoxious opening to the fictional “Blablabla” podcast, which will spout useless drivel that we’ll parrot back in some way, shape or form.

Yo odio el podcast.” His sneer is tinted with contempt. It’s then that a student chooses to pipe up and ask the professor what his favorite poem is. He then proceeds to spend another ten minutes searching for a readable version of the poem while I just sit and watch him desperately search.

And then- it appears- right in that sweet spot right before one is about to give up and return to classwork and right after the ineptitude stopped being funny.

The Light of the World is about the speaker of the poem encountering (and silently falling in love with) a beautiful woman on a bus. The professor talks about how beautiful and pure the feelings are, and the poem’s well-written.

And yet… it’s kind of creepy.

Because the poem’s admirably descriptive up until it gets kinda weird (from my POV). “Powerful and sweet odours?” Nooooooo thank you, fam.

“Don’t tell me that you haven’t found someone so beautiful that you fell in love at first sight?” The professor implored to our silent (and probably dead inside) class. “That you could see an entire life with them?”

“Daniel, por favor.”

I could only respond with a noncommittal “ehhhhh.”

Because let’s be honest for a second here, friends, I haven’t even planned what my next meal is gonna be, much less my entire life.

At any rate, silly little story for y’all. Cheers!


Everything Unique

Entry #8 – February 27, 2017

Dear Kath,

I aspire to be like William Blake. (I will probably never reach his level of talent, but wouldn’t it be nice to dream so?)

Seriously though, he put such care into all his work. He was a multitalented man who not only self-published all his work, set the type for it all, he also did all the artwork for his volumes, and no one edition was completely similar to the other. There were always differences, always comparisons and parallels that you can look at.

On the other hand, what do I have to my name but a humble collection of blogs and a talent for the written word? I love them, without a doubt, but they should only be a start. The skills I currently seek to master (Photoshop, performing for YouTube, and HTML/CSS) are skills that probably most everyone has already sought out.

Do I sound like a power hungry tyrant? I might. Ah well.


Sketch: A Journal Entry

Hey guys! How you all doing? I’m Daniel, and I’d like to welcome you all back to “The Oddity Writer”!

So yes, I’ve been gone for two days (again) but school has been driving me up a wall. However, despite the fact that my Tweet of the Day gave me a perfectly good reason to stay away another day, I am back to do some random musings to finish off my day.

I fear that I suffer from blog burnout at times, but I love interacting with you guys, so I feel I should keep moving, keep talking about free beer and all that jazz. You all make the hard slog worth it. So thank you all so much for the likes and support- I got to a few more people today and I plan to respond to more stuff tomorrow- and I was wondering what you guys would think if I did all that publicly in a post- comment below on what you think, maybe it’s not personal enough or whatnot?  I do care about making sure every person is recognized, so I’m not sure.

Source: http://www.marathondessables.co.uk/site/sites/default/files/styles/large/public/sweaty-runner1.jpeg

Anyways, something else I’ve been doing in my little journal is crudely drawing some storyboards for my novel to make sure that the chapters are dense and that stuff actually happens or that I build on the characters. And I say “crude” because I have drawn little to nada since a year ago, when the Mark Redwood series was launched. It’s fun to do, difficult to do because I’m terrible at it and I’m trying to make something decent but it forces me to think out what I’m gonna do.

It may just become a fun hobby. I would love to be as good as miusho one day haha, but we’ll have to see about that.

But what else? I need to start running again, I kinda lost my groove when my family came to visit. On that note, I kinda want to write something sports-related, maybe a poem because I read a Quincy Troupe poem recently.

Source: QuincyTroupe.com

I’m also tempted to write more fan fiction, but this time on some vidja-games haha. I always see Blackbird blogging about Dragon Age and this one post about a Lego game. I could write about War Thunder or Ingress- actually, Ingress would be really fun to write because it’s an alternate reality concerning a war between the Enlightened- who want to evolve humanity- and the Resistance fighting for humanity’s autonomy and freedom.

Source: Raesyra of DeviantArt- an astral conflict of exotic matter and human beings.

I really should sleep now. Although I really didn’t reflect as much as I normally do, I do feel content that I’ve poured out a ton of stuff on my mind that I haven’t talked about in a while- or in the case of video games- all.

Thank you all so much for listening to my ramblings in the dead of night, and I am so grateful for all the comments, the likes and the support. I hope that you felt that my content was worth the time. I hope you all have awesome days tomorrow!

Please, feel free to comment below with all your thoughts, be they on the Free Beer Page, the drawings or the video games. Thank you all once more- until the next post!

Growing Up, Gratitude and the Griefer’s Game

Yesterday, the final nail was placed in a metaphorical coffin, when influential blogger Jason Cushman left the blogging scene.

Harsh Reality January 3, 2013- April 2015
Harsh Reality
January 3, 2013- May 2015
A few days before hand, Jason (better known as Opinionated Man or OM) had closed his site to the public, changed his privacy settings so that only he would be able to access his site. This was done, according to Linda G Hill‘s email from OM himself, so that he could eventually delete the website.

And this is where I break off my journalistic tone and I just speak with my own voice now. Because I’ve fulfilled my duty, I’ve told you all the facts. But I haven’t finished saying my piece yet.

Where to begin? I guess I would thank OM- no, Mr. Cushman, since he’s older than I am, he deserves that respect- for everything he’s done for all of his followers. He would always reblog their posts, or reply to comments to make sure no one was left out in the conversation, and he was always able to make people laugh. He also held Meet and Greets for bloggers who were looking for new followers- like me.

When he first followed me on WordPress, I was intrigued by his poetry, but then his prose drew me in, the brutal honesty, the good humor and the blogging advice, even the stuff that was hard to hear about how one might lose their audience and about the huge amount of effort that went into making a successful blog.

Although some saw him as a negative force, as just a person who wanted to piss off everyone he knew, there are many who saw beyond that facade, who saw a man expressing himself and connecting himself with others, and encouraging fraternity among those others.

From the Guessing Game I created with my group to teach some children Spanish.
From the Guessing Game I created with my group to teach some children Spanish.
I owe him the stability that “The Oddity Writer” has today- before he reblogged my posts, I was a bit up and down all over the place, but since then my viewing figures have been regularly consistent. But more importantly, the people I’ve met through him are amazing, and I appreciate every single person who has reached out to me. That would probably include Blackbird, Elizabeth, Yusra, Julie, José, LoriTim, Wil,and Benji among the MANY who have crossed paths as I wrote. You all have made me smile.

And as I win blog awards and as I approach 200 followers and exceed that number, or even if I don’t, I will remember what he has done for me, and I hope that you all won’t forget either.

Now that I’ve paid tribute, and now that I’ve said thank you to a mentor (and I’d like to think a friend, but I dunno about THAT), I want to send one last wave of gratitude to everyone I’ve listed here, and to all of you here. You guys are the only reason I have a presence here at all and I will always be grateful for this opportunity, but as OM gave to his followers, I would like to give back to you all. I did set up a post in a Meet and Greet style when I heard about all this to give back- but I would like to do more and I WILL do more. I promise.

If you have any ideas on how I can give back, or if you’d like to share your own OM tribute, or if you’d just like to talk a bit, please feel free to comment below. I’d love to hear what you have to say.

But thank you all for reading and for sticking with me thus far. I will not let you down and continue moving forward. I hope you all will join me as we walk ahead.

AUTHOR’S NOTE and WARNING: The following (an address to a certain theory) was difficult to write. I was going to release it as a separate post to contain the positivity and the dignity that this tribute deserves, but I felt it would ultimately be best to post it as one article.

That being said, the following is a bit negative and if you don’t want to read this, please scroll very quickly down to the comments or go back to the homepage.


There is a theory- Tim/The Hillbilly Blogger has mentioned in the comments here and in the post I linked to him above that OM might have departed from WordPress and the Internet entirely because of a troll who has been plaguing him constantly for a year but intensified greatly in April leading up to OM’s closure of HarsH ReaLiTy. I literally cannot even count how many posts centering around this feud came out around this time, and I would understand if the blog were closed because of this.

While all this was raging, I was tempted to intervene again- to speak out and stand up but OM told us to simply ignore him, that we held evidence of his wrongdoing and that with time the situation would be resolved. In the meantime, I was pelted with pingbacks and comments from the troll and the current standing total is fourteen before he finally stopped throwing that overextended temper tantrum.

All I will say now, to this person, is this.

Everyone is special in their own way. OM was special because of his kindness and his work ethic, because of the way he freely discussed his troubles and made friends on this website.

You, on the other hand- you are special for a far worse and entirely different reason. I have never seen such a narrow-minded, childish, cartoon-like, such a vengeful person full of spite in my life. It is pathetic. You don’t respect others’ opinions, your blog is devoted to hatred of several figures, who, while they might not be perfect, are human beings. You’ve held this grudge against OM for a year now- no one else could be angry for that long over such a trivial thing.

I won’t rant about your malignant content because this is a tribute and I only mean to send out a warning. You can read a post here for that.

If you link to my blog, or if you comment on this blog, you will still be ignored, but I will also ensure that you are reported to WordPress, to Twitter and to any other authorities that come to mind. There are many who would stand against you. If I hear of any defamation or attacks against my friends, family, readers or my fellow bloggers, I will help stand against you. I will not let anyone be hurt again.

This blog was meant to be a place of happiness, of positivity. The Oddity Writer, the persona or the position that I hold, is supposed to be a person that stands for that, for helping people where he can. And that is what I will be.

Thank you, everyone, so much for taking the time out of your day to read this. I will see you all next time!