Thoughts on Podcasting [VEDA #1]

Context: I got to write and host on a class podcast titled The Web We Weave in an episode centering around Tony Zhou’s Every Frame a Painting. This is a reflection on what I learned from this experience.

Preparing for this podcast was definitely one of the more nerve-wracking parts of my life. I felt as if I needed to prove to myself that I was capable of being in charge of such an episode, of being able to take the stage with my voice after hiding behind the written word for so long.

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When looking for material to address Every Frame a Painting, I went through first some of the series entries before poking around Vimeo to find every episode of the series uploaded there, before turning to Tony Zhou’s Patreon for EFAP, which offers alternate versions of the episodes for educational use (at a price), and then to Twitter and Reddit, both forums that I used quite often. Showing these different resources to my partner, we both made our own observations. As I watched Zhou interact with his followers and advise them on how to critique the works that had impacted them, I saw how viewer-audience participation worked its way into Zhou’s new media and how it allowed him to continue participating himself despite how long it had been since the series had updated.

I was not initially exceedingly familiar with Every Frame a Painting, nor was my partner Kevin. However, I was familiar with the YouTube scene and personalities like the Nerdwriter, so when we sat down to plan out the episode, we each brought our own impressions on the series and our own contexts (Kevin had previous experience with the Soul Pancake episode of The Web We Weave). Kevin pitched questions to me while I did my best to answer them, and I would then in turn bring up different topics of conversation (such as the Reddit AMA mentioned in the episode and the idea of Tony Zhou perpetuating the participatory culture with his work). Collaboration was more than integral in making this episode what it was. It was also more than reassuring to have someone who was so confident on board and had faith in my work. We worked on applying Every Frame a Painting to the terminology we had covered in class and we put it all into one Google Doc entry.

The document was interesting because it was far more fragmentary and incomplete- when writing for another mode, because it relied much more on my voice and the natural chemistry I had with the co-producer, I found that it was both challenging to not fall back and write out whole monologues or answers to questions without stifling the conversation, and recording became difficult because I found myself worrying that my co-host would feel cramped or cut off. It was difficult to not be overwhelmingly self-aware of everything. This did help my rhetorical composition in the end and I think it’s made me more adaptable than I was before.
Flexible like a rubber band!

The process also felt much faster and immediate than writing, say, this reflection or another blog post or article, which takes me a lot more time. It also felt natural to go faster than with my previous work. While structuring the argument and conversation was both very much the same, it also felt different because I had someone else to bounce off and interact with. In a way, it was like having another person alternating the argument paragraphs- similar arguments that still differed in subtle ways.

I’ve learned that I need to work on my timing- we went over by a lot and editing involved cutting out a lot of material and it was a struggle to finish the episode in time while balancing other obligations. I need to work on my self-confidence as I was exceedingly nervous during the episode, and I think that it is evident that while I eased up as time went along, I still have a long way to go.

But given the chance to work on a similar project? I’d jump at the opportunity.

VEDA- Create Something New Every Day (#0)

To be clear- I am not creating a video every day in April.

But I want to create something new every day in April. I want to branch out, and I want to experiment. I’ve looked at the stuff that people across the Internet are doing and I’m always in awe of them. I’d want to follow into their footsteps, but I’d never feel ready, never have the skills or the right equipment or whatever else.

And I’m never going to have that. Unless I get up and I start.

Recently, I feel lethargic and unmotivated and unhappy. But I’d like to take some small steps and start working on things that I love, and that’s why I’m doing this pseudo-VEDA thing that a ton of YouTubers have done before.

To wit, because some stuff doesn’t fit what I do on this blog, some of it won’t be hosted here. Some of it will be here, some of it will be on my marktheredwood Tumblr and Twitters, and some of it on other platforms.

This should be fun, and I hope you enjoy seeing how this plays out.


Idea Debts

Something I’ve been thinking on recently was summed up really well in this essay by Satchbag’s Goods. As a matter of fact, I’ve really been looking up to his work- it’s thoughtful and witty and his videography is beautiful. It’s really inspired me creatively.

But I worry that my inspiration is creating a rut as I struggle to live up to my sources of inspiration. I don’t want to be one of those “aspiring” writers who just left without doing anything, and with this YouTube thing that I’m developing, I refuse to just leave it behind.

So right now, I’m still voraciously reading and watching, but I do so with caution. But I’m almost holding off a bit on continuing that consumption until my plans for all these different projects have solidified.

(It’s just as well. My schoolwork is starting to flow in a lot more liberally, so of course I’ll also need to devote more time to that as well. Oh joy of joys.)

So yeah. That’s where I am right now creatively.

Concrete and Traction

This is the first (of hopefully very few times) that you will see my face.

I’ve been considering this Project for Self-Improvement for awhile and I’m really looking forward to settling it in motion. I want to be the best version of myself again, and now I’m taking steps to become that person again. So thank you for sticking with me thus far and for reading as I start this new journey once more.

Actions Over Words

“Your actions speak louder than your words.”

So, I devoted some time yesterday to going to different blogs that had visited me recently and left a like or a comment recently to say hello and thank them for stopping by. And it was because I talk a lot about how much you guys matter to me, but now, I’m putting my money where my mouth is.

As I went through your blogs, I was interested in getting to know you guys. What did you enjoy writing about? What was important in your life? It took a great deal of time to try and browse through all the people, and thinking back, that was the reason why I stopped doing such things eventually. But I remember now how exploring like this was worth it, and I would like to do more. I probably simply will not do it as often as I did in the past to avoid burnout.

I am committed to giving you guys great content for you to enjoy. I’ve said that time and time again as I’ve formulated ideas, talked about them, worked on them and handed them off to different publications or left them unfinished. But many projects that were born here on The Oddity Writer have moved on and left me busy with other things and left the blog neglected, despite my commitment to my title and my work here.

I intend to correct that.

And with that, here’s another thought. Starting on May 6, I want to devote more time to my online endeavors- this blog and the video series coming soon to try and better my skills and increase my audience as much as possible. So the daily posts and experiments will begin returning around that time, and I will edit and wrap up production of the first episodes of the video memoir series as soon as possible.

I have no idea if I will succeed, but I truly want to try.



Daniel! Hey Daniel! Heeeeeeeey!

Oh dear God, it’s too early for this. Whaaaaat?

What are you working on and when is it gonna be ready?

Oh, geez, you woke me up for that?!

I mean you have class soon anywa-

Alright, ya got me. Fine. Work is continuing apace on this video memoir thing of mine. I’m working on the Introduction at the moment, and afterwards, I’ll get to work recording and editing the first few episodes before I finally release them to give myself a buffer. It’s a bit more difficult to balance all the writing and the school as it is, and I want to be good and ready before I throw this project into the mix.

As for other writing projects, I’m working on a few right now. One is very much an Oddity Writer-style post about why I became a writer, and I’ll be revising that over the next few days while adding photos to the submission. I also recently wrapped up an eyewitness account of the events of “Chalk” and posted it on here, but I think I’ll be revising it soon for publication elsewhere.

This is, however, all in my spare time, and that’s pretty rare nowadays.

So what are you working on for school?

Well, the two projects taking up my time at the moment are papers, analytical presentations where I only have 10-20 seconds per slide (they’re called PechaKuchas and dear Lord they are not fun) and one project where I have to create a Shakespeare-themed game. But more details on that as the projects near completion. (I’ll be posting them online anyways.)

Wow, that’s a lot.

Yeah, I really need to make a time table at some point today. So I might finally go take a shower and then do just that.

Thank you guys so much for staying with me so far, and I’ll see you next time with a hopefully more substantive post about something more interesting than my little projects!

What Am I Doing?

1. Writing comedy skits- ideas have been slow and gradually all my ideas start slowly turning towards a more serious darker bend than I expect. I know that I’m half-decent at that, I just have to get myself to expand. There’s also this really complex character that I’d like to work out and use for the sketch.

I don’t like many manga, but this one- Bakuman about creating manga is meta and rather cool. It’s an interesting look into the industry. (Source: Pinterest)

2. Filming and Video Editing- it seems like a practical skill and considering all the work I do with writing and some of the silly stuff I’ve done recently, it sounds like something I might want to try out. The problem is that my computer is dead and I am being forced to wait until July for a computer that has the capabilities that I require. Until then, I am satisfying myself with messing around with a camera I have.

God, film has so much soul- but we all use hard drives and disks nowadays 😛 (Oh, and digital files and YouTube. Wish I could actually see a reel like this once.) But this is cool.

3. Starting a Tumblr! A lot of fan stuff for the stuff that interests me is on Tumblr, and I’d love to interact more with people. I think what I end up doing over there will be more experimental. I’m probably gonna start with some photo editing or something else- it’s gonna be new, whatever it is. You can actually read that first post now over here.

But anyways, I’m off to get ready for tomorrow- the new day! Thank you all so much for your comments, your likes and supports! I hope to see you all tomorrow. 🙂

Happy Eight Million

Hey, everyone.

I know that I don’t often share other content or use YouTube videos outside of decorations as supplements for stuff I’ve written, but I felt I should share this. Even though it’s going to get a ton of attention already, I feel it deserves more exposure, that I need to say my own piece.

For those of you who need some context, this was created for Mark Edward Fischbach, better known as  “Markiplier” to the YouTube community and to his 8 million fans. After passing 8 million subscribers on his YouTube channel, over 1000 fans coordinated by James, the compiler of the video who goes under the handle markiplierSINGSbadly, celebrated by sending their well-wishes, their reactions to a previous celebration, and their thank yous to him.

(If you stick around through the credits, you’ll be able to hear “On the Other Side of the Screen”, a beautiful song that Emily Scholz (EmSArcade) and James wrote together. And totally check out Emily’s channel- she puts out some really funny and original Let’s Plays for the gamers who read my blog, and I love watching them.)

Screen Shot 2015-06-23 at 12.06.11 AM
Source: Twitter
Screen Shot 2015-06-23 at 12.05.59 AM
Source: Other Side of the Screen, Artist Video (YouTube)

When I see acts of kindness like these, when I see the love that poured from Mark’s fanbase, and when I see Markiplier himself, it’s evident that he cares so much for these people that he truly wanted to reach out to them and help them, get to know them and that is just inspiring.

So, Markiplier, Mark, thank you for driving us- your fans- to make a difference, to help one another, to be kind, for being a hero and inspiring others to be the same. Personally, you’ve allowed me to keep heart, to continue believing that the world can be a great place, that there are still some amazing people and for teaching us the value in being able to make someone smile. I know that your dad would be so proud of you- and I know how much he means to you.

Screen Shot 2015-06-23 at 12.09.23 AM
Credits: Markiplier Reacts to 8 Million Fan Reaction Video

I know that I always appreciated the laughs you gave me and millions of other people, on my good days and my bad days, and I saw an appreciation and a love for the people you’ve touched which is rare nowadays in a world where there can be some really dark hatred (case in point- the recent Charleston shooting and some of the bullying I’ve tried to intervene against on this platform). As many fans previously have said, we owe you so much- as much as you feel that you owe us.

Although I failed to participate in this one, I’d love to see what I can do for next time. And I hope that this makes for a good tribute, and an expression of gratitude. I still don’t feel certain about whether or not I’m a good person, or a good writer or a good content creator, but I feel certain that you all are exemplary role models to look up to. That sounds really suck-upish, but I’m a fan and I can’t help it. 😛

But thank you all, so much. You’re all inspirations and I think I’ve said enough. Please keep doing what you do. Be magnificent.

As always, thank you all for reading- and please, check out these three YouTubers, they’re all really awesome people. I’ll see you all in the morning.

-Daniel Park/The Oddity Writer


Hello, everyone!

I’d like to start out by sharing this with everyone- it’s a video that was shared in one of my classes years ago- I don’t even remember when. Please take the time to watch it before continuing to read.

And now an interlude of photos so you don’t skip ahead or see anything before you should because that’s just naughty.

…That sounds odd. To the photos!

Credits: and Disney/Pixar’s Ratatouille (Aren’t you hungry now?)

…Yeah. There you go.

I just wanted to take a moment to wish everyone a Happy Mother’s Day, to ask that you give your mom a hug, treat them to something.

I know that I love my mother very much, and that I do appreciate her role and her guidance in my life a lot. Even if I don’t show it all the time. And if she ever reads this- I want to thank her for not raising me to be a fuck-up, to make me into one of many people with an infinite amount of potential. I have so much of my life left to make you proud, Mom, and I promise that I will. Thank you for believing in me. Although I actually cannot promise that I’ll commit to law school. (I’msosorryIcan’tresistcrueljokeshnnnggh)

I have a lot of followers who are mothers, and I see the love that they give to their children. And it’s heartwarming to see that, and it gives me faith in humanity. I know I say that a lot, but it also means a lot to me.

If you were to talk to the right people, they would tell you that I was- and perhaps still am- a self-centered cynic with no faith in human goodness. But over time, with supporting friends, with all the compassion I see here, believing in something like this isn’t… unrealistic, anymore.

So thank you all for helping me regain hope. And I hope you all take good care of yourselves.

(I also apologize for not releasing “Every Life” today as scheduled, that is coming very, very soon.)

Until next time, everyone! Thank you so much for reading and commenting.